Number Balloons

Number Balloons - perfect to mark the age of kids during their birthday parties and make great pictures. Our number shaped foil balloons can be filled with air or helium.

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  • Small Numbers

    Small foil number balloons (with approx. 40 cm high) are ideal to complete the party table decoration with the age which is being celebrated, use in the photos and many other possibilities. They must be inflated with air since, being small, the volume of helium inserted inside would not be enough to make them fluctuate.

  • Medium Numbers

    Medium sized numbers foil balloons (approx. height 66 cm) are ideal to create an amazing decoration matching numbers and other balloons, filled with air or helium. Search among our various balloons types the ones which best will be paired with your decoration!

  • Giant Numbers

    Giant numbers foil balloons (approx. height 86 cm) are ideal to create a stunishing decoration, a flying balloons bouquet with numbers and other matching balloons, both filled with helium. Choose among our many options the color that matches perfectly with your party decorations. Our favorite colors are always gold, silver and rose gold... simply amazing!