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Kids Party

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Alien Fun

  • Bumblebee Baby

    Bumblebee Baby party range complete with tableware and decoration

  • Rainbow

    Rainbow Party - a rainbow of colors in this party range for joyful celebrations. Plates, napkins and cups decorated with an amazing rainbow of bright colors, to be matched with pinata, balloons, cake toppers, candels... strictly Rainbow themed!

  • Angry Birds

  • Avengers

  • Tutu Much Fun

  • Basketball

  • Bing

  • Barbie

    Barbie Party - a wonderful party range to Barbie fans birthday parties. A classic since 1959 and the world's most sold doll, in this fantastic party range a rock star Barbie plays her guitar specialy for your birthday party! 

  • Birthday Ballerina

  • Birthday Knight

  • Birthday Pirate

  • Birthday Princess

  • Blue Mix

  • Woodland

  • Cactus and Llama

    These funny party ranges are perfect together! One has lovely cactus as the stars and the other features adorable llamas! With plates, cups and napkins decorated in theme, just match to accessories and decoration in solid colors.

  • Soccer

    Soccer Party - an amazing party range for Soccer themed parties, complete of all necessary items. Create an even more special decoration using also the green grass tablecover and the soccer themed cake decoration set!

  • Camouflage

  • Candy Buffet

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    For a beautiful party themed Little Red Riding Hood we suggest you create the decoration using woodland elements  combined with red squares and polka dots tableware. Complete with balloons, lanterns and ponpons in green and red colors.

  • Cars

  • Castle Fun

  • Pony Party

    Horses themed Party - this lovely party range is perfect to girls horse enthusiasts birthday parties!

  • Big Top

    Circus Party - one of the most classics birthday party themes, full of possibilities of amazing decoration. Here we suggest you three different Circus themed party ranges, you just need to choose your preferred one! 

  • Circus Time

  • Ladybug

  • Sprinkles

    A completely delicious party range, full of sprinkles and colors, ideal not only for birthday parties, but also for picnic and other special occasions. Match to accessories in the colors you prefer, confetti balloons and maybe also a candy buffet for a really sweet party!

  • Sweet hearts

    The sweetest party range, all over decorated with hearts, lollipops and cookies!

  • Cupcake Party

  • Dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs party - for dinosaurs fanatic children this is the perfect birthday party theme! Choose one of our Dinosaurs themed party ranges to a perfect party to your boy!

  • Dora

  • Emoticon

    Emoticon Party Range - our beloved emoticons arrives for the party!

  • Butterflies

    Butterflies Party - This adorable range is great for all ages girls birthday parties. Butterflies, hearts and flowers will help creating a very sweet party.

  • Fancy Fairy

    A sweet range for birthday parties in the magic fairies world!

  • Barnyard Bash

  • Fisher Price Circus

  • Forest Friends

  • Frozen

    Frozen Party - create your own Frozen themed party! Here you'll find tableware, decorations and all the necessary to create a special and original Fronzen themed birthday! In this wonderful range, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf have a lot of fun in the snowflakes! Match it with accessories in similar color for a fantastic decoration!

  • Blue Pinwheels

    Bring the fascination of pinwheels in the wind to your little boy first birthday party with this lovely range. Complete the decoration with matching pastel blue and green colors.

  • Pink Pinwheels

    Bring the fascination of pinwheels in the wind to your little girl first birthday party with this lovely range. Complete the decoration with matching pink and lavender colors.

  • Western

    Western Party - American country party supplies for western themed parties, matched with country accessories for an amazing decoration for little cowboys and cowgirls western birthday party!

  • Meow Party

  • Jungle Party

  • Happy Birthday Balloons

  • Hello Kitty

    Happy birthday with Hello Kitty! A beautiful party range complete with decorations to celebrate girls birthday with the beloved Hello Kitty.

  • Hippie Chic

  • The very hungry...

    From the famous book, the very hungry caterpillar comes to have party with us in this lovely kids birthday party range.

  • LOL Suprise

  • Love Pastel

    If you love the pastel trend as much as we do, you’ll love our trendy Love Pastel party range! Including plates, napkins, cups and other articles, strictly in lovely and assorted pastel colors! It's perfect for birthday Parties, Picnics, Baby Shower, Christening and other special occasions!

  • Handy Manny

    Handy Manny party supplies for boys birthday party.

  • Block Party

    Build an amazing lego themed party with Block Party range! Super colorful plates, cups, napkins and decorations for building blocks lovers kids.

  • Sea Party

    Sea Party - choose one of our sea themed party ranges according to your occasion. Suitable for little and big ones, our sea party themes are even better if combined with matching solid colors accessories!

  • Magic Party

    It's a magic party! A fun range, full of card tricks, magic wands and white rabits to brighten un kids birthday parties!

  • Masha and the Bear

    Masha and the Bear Party - from one of the most beloved cartoons arrives this funny Masha and the Bear party range, complete of tableware, decorations and other fantastic accessories to create the perfect decoration.

  • Minions

    Minions Party - these yellow, funny and beloved little creatures are always ready to party! Yous Minions themed party can only be a success! At wonderparty you can find table supplies, accessories and decorations to create a super funny Minions party! Don't forget party essentials like candles and going home favors!

  • Minnie's Party

    Minnie's Party - a classic theme for girls parties, beloved Minnie is always a success between girls and moms! Choose from our various Minnie's party ranges the one that's right for you, matching to accessories and decoration in solid colors to complete your party! Here you'll find also Minnie themed cake and cupcake decorations and balloons!

  • Mostri

  • My Little Pony

    My Little Pony Party - here you'll find everything you need to create a wonderful My Little Pony themed birthday party! From invitations to tableware, decorations and going home favors, just choose the quantities you need and match with solid colors accessories in the colors you prefer to create you personalized party decoration!

  • Nemo

  • In the Sky

    A party in the Sky! We've selected adorable clouds themed articles like balloons, napkins, labels and more, which you can use to create a super original "party in the sky" or match to other articles like Airplane or Hot Air Balloon themed in order to complete the decoration... the sky is the limit for your creativity!

  • On the Go

  • Balloons

    If there is a birthday party, there must be balloons! This range has a lot of them and is just perfect for every birthday party!

  • Party Dots

  • Party Time

  • Pastel Farm

    Pastel Farm is a lovely pastel colored party range featuring sweet farm animals, ideal for little kids birthday parties. Match Pastel Farm articles with other decorations in pastel pink, yellow, blue or lavender to complete the decoration.

  • Paw Patrol

    Paw Patrol Party - Ryder and team are ready to celebrate with Paw Patrol fans kids in this funny party range, ideal to toddlers. Match plates, napkins etc to accessories and decorations in similar colors and don't forget the candle and favors! Your Paw Patrol party can only be a success!

  • Peppa Pig

  • Picnic Party

    Picnic Party - a wonderful idea for open air summer parties. To prepare the table nothing better than our amazing Picnic party range in red gingham print!

  • Pink n' Mix

    Wonderful pink n'mix range, perfect for girls sweet tables!

  • Pirate Party

    From the most friendly to the most terrifying, choose from our many Pirate themed ranges the perfect one for your little pirate birthday!

  • Planes

  • Pow Wow Party

    Pow Wow party range for indian themed birthday parties.

  • Princess Diva

  • Princess Glamour

  • Princess Party

    Wonderful Disney and other Princesses theme ranges and accessories to create your little princess dreams birthday party!

  • Radiant Birthday

  • Robot

  • Star Wars

    Here you will find everything you need to organize a Star Wars themed birthday party: tableware, invitation cards, decorations and accessories. May the force be with you!

  • Safari

  • Mermaid

    Mermaid Party - a lovely party range complete of all the necessary to create a magical Mermaid's party.

  • Shark Party

    Shark Party theme are great for boys birthday parties or a great addition to sea themed parties

  • Space

  • Spa Party

    Super trendy for around 8 years old girls, a Spa Sparty with nails, makeups, hairstyling is the best for a wonderful celebration afternoon with her girl friends. This nail spa party themed range is the perfect complement!

  • Spiderman

  • Superhero Slogans

    A Superhero themed party is not made only with the famous Avengers... create an original Superhero party matching this Superhero Slogans articles to red, yellow and blue accessories and decoration.

  • PJ Masks

    PJ Masks Party - a complete range with plates, cups, napkins, tablecover and more decorated with beloved PJ Masks to celebrate their small fans birthday! Match to blue, green and red accessories for a special decoration for your PJ Masks themed party!

  • Ninja Turtles

    Ninja Turtles Party - to the fans of  Ninja Turtles, this amazing party range featuring Leonardo, Raffaello, Donatello and Michelangelo is assured fun to birthday parties! Match with decoration and balloons in Ninja Turtles colors, remember the candle and going home favors and your party can only be a success!

  • Mickey Mouse

    Create an original Mickey Mouse themed party with our Mickey Super Cool party range, a classic revisited and suitable for little Mickey Mouse fans. The fun design and brilliant colors combined to accessories and decoration in plain colors will help you to create an amazing Mickey Mouse themed birthday party!

  • Tropical Party

    Bring the tropical mood to your party with these gorgeous palm leaf decorations!

  • Toy Story

  • Traffic Jam

  • Tinkerbell

  • Unicorn

    Unicorn Party - choose one of our Unicorn themed party ranges and match the articles with solid colors accessories and decoration. Don't forget games and favors Unicorn themed!

  • Under Construction

  • Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh Party - celebrate with the most beloved bear in the world! In this party range complete of plates, cups, napkins and tablecover, Winnie Pooh and his friends are ready to celebrate the birthday! Funny and colorful, this is a great range for little kids. Complete the decoration with red and yellow articles and don't forget the party bag and invitations, everything strictly Winnie Pooh themed!

  • Winx