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Secure Payment


If you already have a personal account, is the quickest and safest way to purchase on the web. If you are a registered user of Paypal you can use your Paypal account to make payments online. Paypal offers excellent security tools to guarantee the business transaction, protecting the security of the customer from the time of payment to the delivery of the products purchased.


Credit Cards

Wonderparty uses Paypal secure transactions system to receive credit card payments. Credit card data are transmitted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the most popular security protocol in the world, with the primary task to ensure confidentiality and reliability of communications between the buyer's computer and the bank's servers. Using this system, users transmits their credit card data only to the Paypal secure server, being Wonderparty never directly involved in the economic transaction operation. In this way, Wonderparty is never aware of the customers credit card data which is not stored on our systems. Wonderparty only receives the Paypal communication of the credit card payment  received.
Wonderparty never sends email to customers with requests for passwords or personal information. If you receive an email that appears to come from Wonderparty and that requires you important data such as your password or details of payment cards, please contact Customer Service immediately by writing to