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Medium Helium Tank

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This helium gas tank is very practical and easy to use, just insert the nozzle of the balloon (latex or foil) in the valve and open it to fill as necessary.
With the gas contained in this tank you can inflate, for example, up to 30 latex medium balloons (23cm) or 8 Foil balloons (45cm). If the gas is not completely used, the cylinder can be stored and reused posteriorly.

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Helium is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and very safe gas. It has always been used to inflate balloons, allowing them to "fly".

NOTE: For latex balloons, it is recommended to inflate just before the party or use Ultra Hi-Float which extends a lot (up to 25 times) the fluctuation time of latex balloons.

NOTE: We can only ship helium to Italy.


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